OBD 2007 Lite

OBD 2007 Lite, a free download from GLM Software, is a limited edition version of our commercial product OBD 2007.

OBD 2007 Lite has limited functionality as compared to OBD 2007, but does provide the basic functionality of OBD 2007 such as being able to read and display continuous data from the ECU(s) of your vehicle and the ability to display and clear DTCs as shown when the MIL lamp of your vehicle is activated. For a detailed comparison table between OBD 2007 Lite and OBD 2007 see the table here.

OBD 2007 Lite is a complete package, from the installer to the automatic diagnostic logging capabilities. Everything a first time or casual OBDII user requires is included in the package. A comprehensive 20 page help manual for first time users is integrated into OBD 2007 Lite. OBD 2007 Lite runs on all computers running the Windows operating system – supported OS’s start with Windows 2000 through to Windows 7.

As USB scan tools are the most popular of the various types of scan tools available, our installer includes an optional dialog that will automatically install the FTDI drivers for your USB scan tool. At the completion of the installation, connect the cables between your scan tool, your computer and the OBDII connector of your vehicle and then let OBD 2007 Lite’s Auto Discovery mechanism instantly find your scan tool and the default baud rate of your scan tool.

The Auto Discovery process will scan all the com ports of your computer and find whatever com port number Windows has assigned for your scan tool. Once found, a onetime process, you are ready to connect to your vehicle. Click the Connect button on the Connection tab of OBD 2007 Lite and in a couple of seconds you will be connected to your vehicle.

OBD 2007 Lite, unlike other free OBDII software packages, works with any Elm327 chipped scan tool. There are no limitations of restricting its use to a particular make of scan tool. OBD 2007 Lite supports all the advanced features that were introduced in both the Elm327 1.2 and 1.3 chips, including high speed baud rate support. OBD 2007 Lite also supports the unique features, as introduced, by more advanced scan tools such as OBDPro, OBDKey v1.3 and OBDLink.

When OBD 2007 Lite connects with your vehicle, it will automatically determine the supported pids of the ECU(s) of your particular vehicle. When you select continuous read mode, OBD 2007 Lite doesn’t waste CPU cycles by sending pid commands to the ECU for pids that aren’t supported. You therefore get maximum pid/rate whatever the protocol of your vehicle. OBD 2007 Lite also supports high speed baud rates, so for even further increases in pid/rate, select the maximum baud rate for your particular scan tool via our Com port setup window.

Pid/Rate (pids read per second) which is viewable on the "Read Vehicle Pids" tab of either OBD 2007 or OBD 2007 Lite gives a good indication of how efficiently the scan tool has been designed to maximise throughput. Please see our Elm327 scan tool review here for further details.

OBD 2007 Lite, unlike other free OBDII software packages presents a modern clean interface, perfectly suited to modern operating systems like Vista or Windows 7. There is no requirement for special video drivers, no tweaking of Com ports because of limited Com port support. OBD 2007 Lite just works - right out of the box.

We offer exactly the same support for OBD 2007 Lite as we do for OBD 2007. Our support phones are manned 12 hours per day, 7 days a week. Support is also available via email or via our forum.

OBD 2007 Lite features the same advanced diagnostic data logging as OBD 2007, so that if you do experience a problem connecting or some other problem with the connection, a diagnostic log is already there in your OBD 2007 folder. You have all the information required to make a support call. Your problem, whatever it is, will most likely be solved by our experienced support technicans with just one support call.