Account Deletion Policy

OBD Now Pros uses Google Sign-In to obtain your email address and display name. This information is obtained to enable the use of either our 7-day free Evaluation License or when purchasing an OBD Now Pros subscription. This information is securely transmitted to our server for the management of the evaluation license or subscription. If you request an evaluation license you will receive a confirmation email from our server addressed to the email address supplied via the Google Sign-In. If you purchase a subscription, you will receive a confirmation email from Google Play of your subscription purchase.

Our evaluation license is a once-only offer, it cannot be requested again, whereas a subscription can be transferred to another device.

If for instance you replace your device with a new device and want to transfer the subscription to the new device we need to be able to obtain your email address on the new device to be able to determine that you have an ongoing subscription. After you sign in with Google Sign-In on the new device, the Restore subscription on this device menu item will then be enabled so that you can restore the subscription to the new device.

Therefore, in the interests of fraud prevention, we are unable to delete account information. If you do not want to receive informational emails from us, you can request that your email address be marked as “not to be emailed”.

Please also note our Privacy Policy concerning vehicle data which is stored internally within the OBD Now Pros application file area. OBD Now Pros contains a File Maintenance module that allows the user to delete, view, email and copy log files created by OBD Now Pros when connected to your vehicle. If at any time you uninstall OBD Now Pros these files are automatically removed from your device via the uninstallation process. If you wish to retain these files, please become familiar with the process of copying the files to your device's external storage via the File Maintenance module as explained in our Help manual – search in the Help manual for FileMaintenance Screen for detailed instructions.