OBD Now for Android

We are pleased to announce OBD Now our new app for Android phones and tablets, is now available on Google play. OBD Now, in conjunction with an ELM327 chipped scan tool (Bluetooth or Wi-Fi), transforms your Android phone or tablet into a complete OBDII diagnostic tool.

OBD Now’s simple menu driven structure guides the user through all the OBDII services. Within a minute or two of connecting with OBD Now, an experienced user can quickly determine if a vehicle is running normally or has faults and requires further investigation.

OBD Now supports all OBDII services $01 through $0A as specified by SAE J1979 and ISO 15031-5.

OBD Now contains a comprehensive 50+ page user guide. The guide can also be viewed here.

A dedicate site for OBD Now will be available shorty. For more details be sure to click the READ MORE button on Google Play.

OBD Now is available on Google Play Get it on Google Play

OBD 2007 and OBD 2007 Lite

OBD 2007 is a family of OBD II software applications from GLM Software designed to assist automotive professionals and enthusiasts alike in diagnosing and analysing problems with modern vehicle engines.

OBD 2007 for PC for Windows laptop computers.

OBD 2007 Lite, a free download from GLM Software, is a limited edition version of our commercial product OBD 2007.

How it works

connection schematic

One end of the scan tool connects to your vehicle’s 16 pin OBD connector plug via a special OBD cable while the other end connects to your computer’s serial port via a standard serial cable.

All units are sold with the appropriate cabling. Some units such as the Bluetooth OBDKey, the Bluetooth OBDPro and all the OBD Link scan tools Bluetooth or Wi-Fi don’t require any cabling between the scan tool and the computer because they connect directly to the vehicle’s OBD plug and wirelessly to your computer via Bluetooth. Even the cabled units can be converted to connect wirelessly via Bluetooth with additional Serial BT adapters. Most new laptops no longer have a serial port, but they can be connected by a USB to RS232 converter cable to a USB port.

Supported scan tools

OBD 2007 has been developed and tested with each of the following scan tools, but should also work with any scan tool based on the ELM 327 chip or any scan tool that emulates the Elm 327 chip.

OBDPro USB OBDPro Bluetooth OBDKey
OBDPro OBDPro Bluetooth OBDKey v1.3
www.obdpros.com www.obdkey.com www.obdpros.com
OBDLink MX Bluetooth OBDLink MX Wi-Fi OBDLink LX Bluetooth
www.scantool.net www.scantool.net www.scantool.net

OBD 2007 has been designed to comply with the international standards ISO 15031-5 and SAE International J1979 “Communication between vehicle and external equipment for emission related diagnostics”. These standards are applied to every passenger and light truck vehicle manufactured since 1996 in the USA and 2001 in Europe and Japan. OBD 2007 complies with the above standards by supporting all services $01 through $0A of the standards. Please note that not all OBD II compliant vehicles support each service. OBD 2007 will report which services the vehicle doesn’t support.

Based in Melbourne Australia, GLM Software has more than 20 years of application development and practical automotive experience and is a leading producer of vehicle diagnostics software.

Latest News....

May 10th 2016

New version of OBD 2007 released More details...

September 13th 2012

New version of OBD 2007 Lite released

January 28th 2010

New build for OBD 2007 for PC and build for OBD 2007 Lite.

January 20th 2010

We are pleased to announce that we have released a new product OBD 2007 Lite.

December 14th 2009

New build for OBD 2007 for PC.

This build introduces a new option - Override OBDII services.

December 7th 2009

New build for OBD 2007 for PC.

November 12th 2009

Suspension of support for OBDLink.

October 15th 2009

New build for OBD 2007 for PC.

Support for OBDLink's new 2.0Mbps baud rate.

October 8th 2009

New build for OBD 2007 for PC.

Support for OBDKey v1.3, OBDLink and ElmScan 5 Compact.

Price reduction of OBDPro.

May 23rd 2009

Replacement build of build for OBD 2007 for PC.

We reworked the OBD 2007 installer when uploading build and accidently left out the Program Menu shortcut. This has now been rectified.